Action 1 

M 1.1: Kick-off meeting with the Commission representative (Month 1).

M 1.2: Four six-monthly technical meetings for monitoring the project progress and adoption of contingency measures if needed (online meetings). Four ad hoc meetings of dedicated subgroups to discuss on specific actions / tasks, geographical areas and GES indicators (online meetings) (Month 24). 

Action 2

M 2.1: Workshop on “First assessment of the deep Mediterranean environmental status” (Month 18). 

Action 3 

M 3.1: Workshop on the “Gaps and needs for the implementation of the MSFD in the Mediterranean deep Sea” (Month 20)

M 3.2: Two dissemination events (one event at national scale organized by the relevant national partners and addressed to relevant stakeholders and one event at Euro-Mediterranean scale (Month 24).

Action 4

M 4.1: Workshop on Guidelines for the definition of deep-sea protected areas” (Month 24)

M 4.2: Final meeting.