Action 2 - Analysis of the available datasets

Analysis of the available datasets (from opens access repositories, scientific literature, partners’ own datasets, new datasets gathered during the IDEM’s lifespan) from the different Mediterranean sub-regions. The results of the analysis will be then framed into the principles and targets of the MSFD (i.e. datasets dealing with MSFD descriptors, criteria and indicators, human pressures and impacts on deep Mediterranean ecosystems). Especially for the pressure and impact assessments, and wherever possible, meta-analysis tools will be used to identify similarities or discrepancies in the magnitude or direction of the different pressures/impacts among the different Mediterranean deep-sea basins. This will allow a better calibration of GES targets for the different sub-basins. The meta-analysis will be carried out for those descriptors for which a sufficient amount of data will be available. Beside the meta-analysis, datasets repository will be created, in order to elaborate GIS maps, to better understand the state of knowledge on indicators but also human pressures and impacts.

This action could also benefit from additional data collected during the lifespan of IDEM, including during scientific surveys already scheduled by the IDEM’s partners (e.g., flagship Italian programme on marine research, RITMARE).

Task 2.1. Collection and subsequent review of the available datasets on indicators and human pressures/impacts on Mediterranean deep-sea ecosystems. The existing datasets will be obtained from scientific literature, open access datasets repositories, or from partners institutions. Moreover, additional datasets will be acquired during scientific surveys already scheduled. The collection of datasets will be organized according to the different Mediterranean sub-basins (Western, Central/Ionian and Aegean/Levantine) and typology of ecosystem (coralligenous environment, open slope, canyons, corals banks, seamounts). (Leader: ENEA; Participants: CNR, CSIC, DFMR, IFREMER, TAU, UB, UM, UNIVPM).

Task 2.2. Meta-analysis of the collected datasets will be performed in order to obtain the first assessment ever of the deep Mediterranean environmental status (Leader: UNIVPM, Participants: CNR, CSIC, DFMR, ENEA, IFREMER, TAU, UB, UM).

Task 2.3. Habitat/ecosystems/pressure mapping in GIS will be performed to integrate the current knowledge on the spatial coverage of the descriptors/criteria/indicators as well as human stressors on the Mediterranean deep-sea ecosystems and provide the first evaluation of the environmental status in the Mediterranean deep Sea (Leader CNR; Participants: CSIC, DFMR, ENEA, IFREMER, TAU, UB, UM, UNIVPM).